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How to get your travel blog up and running pack is the second part of the series of making money while traveling.

 Once you’ve created your travel blog on wordpress, the very first thing you have to do is add some essential plugins to it.


WordPress on its own is a very effective publishing platform but the core product is without the bells and whistles. In order to get that functionality, you have to add Akismet, Jetpack, WordPress SEO, Google Analytics for WordPress, FD Feedburner, StarBox, W3 Total cache. There are hundreds of wordpress plugins many of which you’ll need once you’ve got substantial content on your blog but these ought to suffice for the time being.

For Google Analytics plugin, you’ll first have to create a profile on Google Analytics site and then copy the id code from there and paste it here. What this does is track your travel blog to see who has visited it, from where did he come from, what browser was he using, what screen resolution, what keyword did he enter to find your site, whether he came through a search engine or directly typed your travel blog and a million other things.

You’ll also have to create an account with to get yet another statistics tool by Jetpack plugin which does pretty much the same thing that Google Analytics do but in real time and different fashion. Google Analytics stats lag a day or two behind and are not real time.

The above essential wordpress plugins will do the following:

  1. Protect your blog from spam comments
  2. Add social media sharing icons to the blog so that you content could be popularized through social media.
  3. SEO optimize your site.
  4. Distribute the feed of your content.
  5. Speed up your site through caching techniques.
  6. Track and monitor your website statistics.
  7. Add an author box with each post which aids in self-promotion.

And some other features as well. Please remember you’ll have customize these plugins yourself for optimal performance.

The rest of the plugins you’ll need once you’ve enough content and want to leverage it properly.



They say Content is King on the internet. While this maybe an overused cliché it still holds true.

Without good original content, your travel blog is just going to fade into oblivion.

Not only do you have to come up with original content you’ve to do on a regular basis. Now for any other type of blog, it maybe easy, but how do you tackle it with a niche blog and that also one related to travel?

Your main gripe will be I don’t travel that much or I can’t afford to travel that’s why I’ve come up with this travel blog in the first place. So what do I write now?

The thing is, travel doesn’t mean going to far off exotic destinations only. Even visiting the town next to yours, how you traveled there, where you stayed, what you saw, what problems did you face and how much the trip cost you.

All of the above makes for some interesting content that will surely be useful to another person on the planet, if not a big group of people. The lesson to learn here is that don’t overlook the small trips you’ve taken, or the places you’ve visited in your own city that are worth seeing. After all, tourists must be coming to your country and city as well and they need to research the place. So who better to guide them than you?

For all you know, you can end up as the ultimate guru guide of your own city or even country.

So think hard about all the places you’ve visited, hotels and guest houses you’ve stayed at and airlines you’ve traveled with. Even if you’ve never set foot outside your country in your life, you’ve still got more than enough travel experiences in your life to make for a full length book, and here we’re talking about just a travel blog.

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