The Perfect Pakistani Holiday – Day 0

  • The Perfect Pakistani Holiday – Day 0

Sometimes being broke can be a blessing in disguise.

Instead of looking to travel the world, it forces you to look inwards at what you can experience in your own country. There’s no shortage of exotic locations in Pakistan to visit.

Trouble is, I’ve been to pretty much all of them. Or so I think.

Here’s what I can remember:

  1. Hunza
  2. Skardu
  3. Gilgit
  4. Swat
  5. Saidu Sharif
  6. Naraan
  7. Kalaam
  8. Kashmir
  9. Nathia Gali
  10. Ayubia
  11. Murree
  12. Abbotabad
  13. Balakot
  14. Kallar Kahar
  15. Miandam
  16. Beshaam

What I need is a place where I can stay put for two weeks but still have access to the net and mobile phone coverage.

Easier said than done, because most of these exotic locations have got serious issues with phone coverage despite what all the big shot telecoms Zong, Mobilink and Telenor claim.

They spend big bucks shooting their ads in these surreal places. They would do well to instead spend the same money in getting their infrastructure to such places.

So I need to work on my writing big time. But I still need access to my office and the Net to make things work.

And of course, I need a reasonably priced place to crash.  Rents at these places don’t come cheap. If you don’t watch it, you can easily run into Rs.100,000 deficit in just 2 weeks.

Anyone know of a spellbinding place, you know who to tell.

Please do...
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