Sunfort Hotel Lahore

Sunfort Hotel is a relatively old hotel in Lahore. It used to be impeccable in the yesteryears but the quality has now gone down. It is situated behind the famous Liberty Market.


I’ve stayed at Sunfort hotel Lahore twice, one just recently and the other a couple of years ago.


I’ve stayed at Sunfort Lahore hotel twice and each time was given an entirely different room. The first room was a master bedroom and nothing short of a suite. The view from the room was quite good as well.

This time around I was given a room on the first floor and the view from the room you can see for yourself in the picture below.

There were two separate beds in the room. I pointed this out to them instantly upon entering and requested for a double-bed room. They said it wasn’t available that day. I asked them to let me know if one became available the next day. I never heard from them again.

Sunfort Hotel Room
Sunfort Hotel Room
Sunfort Hotel Room
Sunfort Hotel Room

All in all, the room wasn’t bad at all. It wasn’t as spacious as the previous tour room, but it wasn’t cramped for space either.

There was an old 21” Sony TV in the corner. The biggest drawback of the room was the dim lighting. There were three lamps, but they just weren’t bright enough to lit up the room sufficiently.


I’ve had mixed experience at Sunfort when it comes to food. The first thing I tasted at Sunfort Hotel Lahore was their mushroom swiss burger which they’ve removed from menu since then. It was quite good.

Then I tried their chicken breast which was supposed to be filled with cheese and vegetables. It was filled alright. But the inside of the chicken itself was raw. I complained, and got the order changed to cheese on toast which was ok.


As per the usual format of hotels, they offer complimentary buffet breakfast. It’s not the best I’ve had, but it wasn’t bad either. One thing lacking was the option to get eggs made according to your choice and style of getting them done. The only option in eggs was the omelet and that wasn’t made well either.

Apart from that, they had the usual French toast,muffins, croissants, doughnuts, choice of bread, and porridge. And plain cake as well. French toast was a little too sweet for my taste.

Halwa puri Sunfort hotel lahore
Halwa puri Sunfort hotel lahore
Breakfast at hotel sunfort lahore
Breakfast at hotel sunfort lahore

In the liquid department, they had the peaches and orange juice, and sweet lassi as well.

Then they had desi stuff on offer as well. It varied a bit from day to day, but the usual was halwa, puri, chana, normal paratha, and then either chicken nihari or chicken qeema depending upon the day.


The bathroom of Sunfort Hotel Lahore was your standard hotel affair. However, both the wash and bathtub sink were choked. Moreover many of the toiletries were missing.


  1. Great location. Walking distance from Liberty Market and M.M Alam Road which is the centre of upscale restaurants in Lahore.
  2. Free Wi-Fi with good speed.
  3. Extension lead delivered in 20 minutes.
  4. Free shoe polish service which is rare. In almost all hotels I’ve stayed, the best they do is provide you with a shoe shiner.


  1. Room dimly lit. No adequate arrangement for increasing the lighting.
  2. Wash basin clogged. No response until after 4th complaint.
  3. No seamless shift from generator to electric supply and vice versa.
  4. Tub water sink choked as well.
  5. No dental and shaving kit kept. Had to tell them to bring it.
  6. Forgot to clean up the room on a particular day. This is a first for me.
  7. Complimentary fruit basket delivered on the eve of my departure.
  8. No complimentary mineral water bottle. Almost all the hotels I’ve stayed in from 2 stars onwards offered this.


hotel sunfort lahore
hotel sunfort lahore
Hotel sunfort dining room
Hotel sunfort dining room


Sunfort Hotel Lahore isn’t a bad option if you’re looking for a nice place to base yourself in the middle of new Lahore from where you can move around on foot as well as get access to a transport easily. Just don’t expect any extraordinary service from them. The lower your expectations, the smoother your stay at Sunfort Lahore would last.


[easyreview title=”Sunfort Hotel Lahore” icon=”star2″ cat1title=”SERVICE” cat1detail=”Sluggish response to most requests.” cat1rating=”5.5″ cat2title=”ROOM AMBIANCE” cat2detail=”While room was spacious and clean, it was too dimly lit.” cat2rating=”7.0″ cat3title=”FOOD” cat3detail=”Food wasn’t bad. But nothing to write home about either.” cat3rating=”6.0″ cat4title=”LOCATION” cat4detail=”Ideal location. Liberty market next door and M.M Alam road within walking distance.” cat4rating=”9.0″ cat5title=”COST” cat5detail=”Not the best value for money. But not that expensive either.” cat5rating=”6.5″ summary=”Not a bad option if you intend to stay out most of the time and just want to return for sleep.”]

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  1. Ok sure will go to this hotel for experience, I go every year to Lahore but I don’t know about this Hotel, all I want is quality food which I notice is missing in all 5-star hotel nowadays.

    • I believe quality food is available at all hotels whether they are 5-star or 3-star. What you mean by quality here is the taste. Yes, that is missing in all hotels and I’m afraid Sunfort is the same. But you can find a lot of delicious eateries in close proximity to Sunfort.

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