Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day Two

Budget travel in Sri Lanka is no child’s play. In fact it’s the same story in the entire South Asia.

Despite all the odds, I’m taking the challenge and trying to prove budget travel can be possible in Sri Lanka with a little bit of compromise, improvisation and a lot of help from strangers.

Remember I’m doing the bare minimum spending here. This is the shoe-string budget at its best. I’m spending $25 a night on accommodation. I’m having a hearty breakfast each day which is complimentary and skipping lunch altogether. Moreover, I’m walking most of the time if the destination is within a 3km radius. You can’t do any cheaper than that.

Maybe you could if you take the public bus instead of tuk tuk. But those are mostly crowded, you’ve to keep standing. There’s the danger of pickpockets. Moreover, buses take an awful lot of time to move from one place to another considering the traffic conditions. And they don’t drop you exactly at your destination. So a fair bit of walking is still on. Hence I’m avoiding the hassles of public buses altogether. And there are no private buses plying the streets of Colombo.

If you want to do budget travel in Sri Lanka, you would do well to follow my day-to-day budget reports.

sri lanka travel expense day 2
sri lanka travel expense day 2
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