Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 9

Sri Lanka travel expenses were brought to a much saner level on the ninth day as I decided to stay in after the frantic travels during the last two days. I also found a good Muslim hotel that was reasonably priced which got me through the day. I also needed to make back-ups of the voluminous photos taken during the last two days, and then explore Kandy city on foot for a while.

This was made possible largely because of me moving from a relatively expensive hotel at Rs. 3000 – Ancient Lanka – to Rs.2000 per night – Olde Empire Hotel. Otherwise not only the food expenses but the ‘moving about’ expenses would have been much higher.

Shopping in the standard supermarket was again an expensive exercise, otherwise the expenses remained under control.

Overall not a bad day as far as the travel expenses were concerned.


Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 9
Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 9
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