Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 8

If you thought that the seventh day was expensive, the Sri Lanka travel expense report for the eighth day is bound to give you a heart attack. It was the culmination of my cultural triangle excursion and I had to pay the tuk tuk driver as well for the last two days. That spiked the day’s expense even more. As you can see from the chart below, I didn’t have any lunch at all except for a coconut drink, and that was an achievement in itself, considering the amount of energy I expended going through the ruined city of Polonnaruwa. If any of you has been to Polonnaruwa, you would know the enormous area one has traverse to cover the entire city. No child’s play.

The eighth day expenses again drive home the point that private transport and entrance fees are the two most notorious expenses you’ll encounter in your Sri Lankan travels that will eat into your budget big time.

Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 8
Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 8
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