Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 14

Sri Lanka travel expense for day 14 were even better managed than the 13th day’s,

I spent one dollar less than the previous day. At $10 that’s a fantastic going. But do note that both this day and the previous day’s room charges have not been included in this analysis because that money didn’t leave my pocket. They will ultimately have to be accounted for, and then that day’s expenses will go up naturally.

To be able to account for these variations, you’ll have to look at the average spend per day overall to get an idea of how much you will likely spend on your budget travel to Sri Lanka.

Having said that, the budget management was still impressive even if you include the room rent which was a mere $15 inclusive of breakfast. And I still lived in relative luxury that day. It wasn’t as if I starved myself to death or nibbled at bread crumbs.

All in all, a financially satisfying day.

Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 14
Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 14
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