Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 12

Sri Lanka travel expenses for the 12th day went up again as I spent another busy day at the office. The day started off cheap enough with a breakfast of tea, fish roll and vegetable bun that cost merely Rs.85.

After that the expenses climbed upwards as I shared transportation to the Heritance Tea Factory with Jo, Daniela and Roshan that cost Rs.500 apiece.

It was then hi-tea at the biggest hotel in town- the Grand Hotel that cost Rs.800.

Although quite full after the heavy tea, I still mustered enough courage to have dinner, again at the Royal Café. Finally paid the bill for two nights at the Tour Inn as well.

All in all, a fairly expensive day, and the cumulative expenses have gone up to $540 till now.

Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 12

Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 12

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