Road To Automechanika Johannesburg

This is the second time I’ll be be participating in an  Automechanika Exhibition. The first one was back in 2012 in Dubai so it’s been a really long time.

And I’m again participating under the banner of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan [TDAP] which is a pain in the arse. If there ever was a lethargic government organization, it doesn’t get any worse than this.

Add to it the woes of stupid travel regulations of the current government, and you get to have an idea of how bad things are for the Pakistani business traveler.

The following is a snippet of a conversation I had with a prospective trader and local resource in South Africa:

We’re the leading battery manufacturers of Pakistan and are interested in establishing our base in South Africa and we’re coming to visit South Africa for this purpose.

What sort of help and resources can you provide us for this purpose?

  1.  A car and driver for the entire time we’re in Johannesburg.
  2.  Which is the best 5/4 star hotel in Johannesburg which is located in an area where it is safe to walk around at night and there are markets nearby?
  3. Is the battery market concentrated in one area or located in multiple areas?
  4. Souvenir shops.
  5.  Places to visit at night
  6.  Where to get currency changed at the best rates?
  7. Where to get mobile sim?
  8.  What are the scams to avoid?
  9. How much money is enough for 10 day trip especially on eating and visiting places?
  10.  Where to buy cheap chocolates?
  11.  Are mobile phones cheaper in S. Africa than Pakistan?
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