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The American dream. That’s what most Pakistanis are brought up to hook into. Leave your country for America at the first available opportunity – the land of dreams where sheer hard work pays off rich dividends no matter in which city you are. But here in Pakistan, even the economic bedrock of the country that is Karachi does not offer you any opportunity to make it big. Or so the perception goes.

But is it the reality? Does the rampant corruption and prevailing law and order situation of Karachi makes it hopeless for someone with the entrepreneurial spirit to make it big here?

According to Doing Business Report issued by the World Bank annually, Pakistan has been an easier place to do business than Brazil, Russia, India and China; commonly referred to as the BRICs – the biggest emerging markets of the world. Moreover, Pakistan has been ranked higher than any other South Asian nation in the 2010 report issued in September 2009. The report measures such parameters as the amount of time taken to register a business, number of procedures, official signatures, cost involved etc.

Although within Pakistan, Karachi ranks a lowly 9th on the ease factor, Faisalabad being the number one, if you go by the evidence on ground rather than the empirical one, you would find a land brimming with opportunities -a city overflowing with rags-to-riches stories in all spheres of life. The only problem is that these success stories have not been documented enough to provide the aspiration to the masses.

Seaview Karachi
Seaview Karachi

Sure there are numerous obstacles like red-tapism in government offices, corrupt official and of course the Batha-walas of various political parties. But this hasn’t stopped the industrious entrepreneurs from making it big. And no, we’re not talking about the Adamjees, the Dawoods or the Dewans, but ordinary Joes like the rest of us.

Here are some examples of this spirit:


  • An ordinary man starts selling biryani on a thela in Saddar and today that has become a renowned brand with franchises all over the country.
  •  A small retailer opens a small grocery story in Bahadurabad and a decade later it has sprawled into a large departmental store at one of the central locations in the city.
  •  A group of friends start a website catering to Karachi and the brand becomes a superstar overnight. It then expands into a TV and radio channel and continues to grow unabated.
  •  A business graduate from the top business school of the city starts his career in banking, becomes disillusioned with it enough to give up the lucrative job and start from scratch in the fashion designing business, which was back then no more than a cottage industry. Today he’s the most successful fashion maestro with his business expanded to Dubai and Canada. His story has a striking similarity to the famous story of Amazon’s creator Jeff Bezos’ who had a lucrative six-figure income job as an investment banker, which he left to start Amazon with his parents’ retirement fund.
  •  A Milk seller becomes the talk of town with every other doodh-wala using his brand name as part of his shop name.
  •  A small-time book-seller goes on to become the premium retailer of books all over the country with outlets even in major shopping malls, airports and hotels.

And these are just those who have made it already. There are innumerable others  undeterred by the gloomy air who are striving to carve out a niche for themselves on their own instead of going for the conventional option of a job.

And they’re increasingly coming up with innovative ways to market themselves and their product or service. You just need to browse Facebook and other social networking sites to see how they’re intelligently embedding their products and themselves in the lives of their target market.

Or skim through that home advertising magazine that started from DHA and Clifton and is now circulated in all major areas which showcases these budding businesses. In fact this magazine itself is the brainchild of a Lahore-based entrepreneur who left his job in the advertising world with the lofty goal of creating a billion dollar company.

Stories of success are abound in this eccentric city of 18 million oozing with inspiration, and yet despair continues to prevail fuelling even more brain drain.

So what’s needed? Propagation of these success stories on a mass level. Yes print media works but a magazine or even a newspaper geared towards entrepreneurship would have too limited reach to either initiate or even galvanize a revolution.

What’s needed is a TV channel aptly called Entrepreneur TV (Or could be named Success TV, Wealth TV whichever name is commercially more viable).

The channel would not only interview these successful personalities but would also show in-depth look at how the operations of the business are carried out.

The city has all the elements of entrepreneurship embedded within its inhabitants. All it needs is the activation of this spirit which is only possible by highlighting the achievements of those spirited individuals who have already made it and those that are in transition.

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