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Why you would want to hire me of all the travel bloggers?

I’m an accomplished writer as well as a marketer, who has built and nurtured brands for the last seven years. So what you get is not just any travel writer, but a certified marketer who has a Master degree in branding.

The following are just three out of the plethora of my articles published in Pakistan’s leading English newspapers- Dawn and Express Tribune:

  1. [aio_button align=”none” animation=”pulse” color=”red” size=”medium” icon=”none” text=”1. The Hotspot Just Got Hotter” relationship=”dofollow” url=”http://tribune.com.pk/story/107091/the-hot-spot-just-got-hotter/”]
  2. [aio_button align=”none” animation=”pulse” color=”blue” size=”medium” icon=”none” text=”2. The Entrepreneurial Haven” relationship=”dofollow” url=”http://www.dawn.com/2011/05/08/the-entrepreneurial-haven.html”]
  3. [aio_button align=”none” animation=”pulse” color=”green” size=”medium” icon=”none” text=”3. The Burning Desire” target=”_blank” relationship=”dofollow” url=”http://www.dawn.com/news/969447/the-burning-desire”]

I plan to travel to 3 different countries in a year on an average. If you sponsor any of my trips completely, I would make sure that your brand gets highlighted on my site for the duration of my trip. Not only that, any article I write about my experience on that trip will have your brands mention in it. And being a marketer, you can bet your brand placement would be optimized to get you the biggest bang for the buck.

Why would you want to sponsor any of my trips?

  1. You could be a country or city which feels it needs to enhance its image in the eyes of the world because it has been tarnished either by an ugly incident or by plain wrongful reporting of international media. By inviting a travel writer and showing him the upside of your country or city, would help to change people’s perception about your land.
  2. You could be a tour operator who needs to create awareness about your impeccable service. By having a travel blogger experience your service first-hand and then spread good word about it, your business would benefit immensely.
  3. You could be a brand whose target market are the people who visit the country of your origin for either business or pleasure. Having a travel blogger make use of your product whilst on his journey would show the relevancy of your product and thus boost its sales.
  4. You are a hotel or guest house that needs to promote its service by having a favorable review of the place.
  5. You are a magazine that wants someone like me to carry out an assignment for them.

Or you could be anyone just wanting to make use of my particular set of skills. You can contact me either through the below form or through any of my profiles.





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