Dubai – Land of Malls And Nightclubs

Dubai is a strange place, and their inhabitants even stranger. I was visiting Dubai after a gap of almost 20 years, and nothing had changed.

Before you think that I’m on crack, let me explain why. Dubai wasn’t a desert even twenty years ago. It had its share of tall buildings and malls and everything. The only thing that has changed is the scale of everything.  There are more tall buildings and more extravagant malls than ever, but there’s nothing new. Just copy and paste.

Dubai skyscrapers
Dubai skyscrapers

Dubai was brimming with malls and eating houses back in the days and it still is.

Ibne Batuta Shopping Mall dubai
Ibne Batuta Shopping Mall dubai

The only thing that has really changed are the nightclubs and the sex industry. That just didn’t exist 20 years ago, and the place is packed with it now.

And you can have pretty much anything you fancy. You fancy the Russian beauty, you can head off to Moscow, the nightclub dedicated to this segment. Just expect to pay a steep price for it. AED 100 just for the entrance.

Indian night club in Dubai
Indian night club in Dubai

But if you fancy some cheap action, you can always opt for the Pakistani and Indian clubs, which are in a different part of town.

Here’s a look at one of the Indian night clubs:


In fact there’s a street in that shady part of town

that has the cheaper girls lined up, mostly Philipinos.

Interestingly, Sharjah which is only separated from Dubai by a mere street is dead against the sex industry. Leave night clubs, if they catch you fornicating even in your own apartment with someone other than your wife, they’ll arrest you! Yep. That’s what happened to a Bengali guy living in my friend’s apartment block in Sharjah. He saw him being led away in handcuffs.

The Arabs have a superiority complex, at least as far as the Asian are concerned. No matter how long you live there, as long as you are an Asian, you’ll always be treated like a second class citizen, someone to look down upon.

It’s a different story if you are Caucasian. In that case they’ve a severe case of inferiority complex. They’ll give them the best jobs, the fattiest paychecks, anything they desire. So if you’re Caucasian and love to live in the Middle East, then thank your stars, for you’ll be treated like royalty.

And blame them if you’re Asian. You’ll be treated like dirt.

The complex varies from place to place within the Middle East. It maybe of less intensity in Dubai than in Saudi Arabia, but it’s there alright.

Back in the days, UAE had a strange law, no fast food franchise of Jewish descent could open up shop there. This was probably due to the Israeli transgressions in Palestine, but why punish the entire Jewish race for that, I’m not sure. They have done away with that law now. So now you have Burger King and all, most of which were debarred at that point in time. Applebees wasn’t there, nor was Stone Cold.

So the scenery has definitely changed with respect to all this. But it has been more of a linear expansion rather than a paradigm shift.

There will be more articles related to Dubai and Sharjah, UAE as per my recent experience there as well as when I lived in Abu Dhabi,UAE ages ago.

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  2. Agree!
    Dubai is a strange place, the trend of Malls is increasing all over the world, as in Pakistan there are number of big malls and some are going to launch soon The Aquatic Mall is also one of them.
    Good work Saqib, I have bookmarked this page and i would let you know if anyone required your services. Thanks.

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