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The Perfect Pakistani Holiday – Day 0

Travel Procrastination
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Sometimes being broke can be a blessing in disguise. Instead of looking to travel the world, it forces you to look inwards at what you can experience in your own country. There’s no shortage of exotic locations in Pakistan to visit. Trouble is, I’ve been to pretty much all of them. Or so I think. […] Explore more →

The Pakistani Dream

Karachi night in a blur The American dream. That’s what most Pakistanis are brought up to hook into. Leave your country for America at the first available opportunity – the land of dreams where sheer hard work pays off rich dividends no matter in which city you are. But here in Pakistan, even the economic bedrock of the country that […] Explore more →

The Burning Desire

Burning Desire by saqib khan Karachi maybe the most advanced and sophisticated city of Pakistan. However, there is one particular evil here that makes it distinct from the rest of the country the voracious appetite of some of its citizens to burn vehicles. Perhaps nowhere in the world is there such a flaming desire to torch an innocent person`s vehicle […] Explore more →