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Dubai Motor Show 2019 – Opening Day

Dubai Motor Show No long queues.   No registration stall.   Lamborghinis placed outside the venue. One night before.   Sullen faces. Bored workers.   Indifferent ushers. Hell, even the beauty factor has gone many notches down since the last show I attended.   You had these curvaceous vixens manning the stalls. Most were drop dead gorgeous.   […] Explore more →

Rose Rayhaan Hotel by Rotana in Dubai

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Rose Rayhaan hotel dubai Rose Rayhaan hotel by Rotana in Dubai is the world’s second tallest hotel certified by the Guinness Book of Records, soaring 333 metres with 72 storeys. In a city loaded with hotels and guesthouses, standing out from the crowd is not easy. Rose Rayhaan hotel by Rotana has done just that by standing taller than […] Explore more →

Dubai – Land of Malls And Nightclubs

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Ibne Batuta Shopping Mall dubai Dubai is a strange place, and their inhabitants even stranger. I was visiting Dubai after a gap of almost 20 years, and nothing had changed. Before you think that I’m on crack, let me explain why. Dubai wasn’t a desert even twenty years ago. It had its share of tall buildings and malls and everything. […] Explore more →