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Dubai Motor Show 2019 – Opening Day

Dubai Motor Show No long queues.   No registration stall.   Lamborghinis placed outside the venue. One night before.   Sullen faces. Bored workers.   Indifferent ushers. Hell, even the beauty factor has gone many notches down since the last show I attended.   You had these curvaceous vixens manning the stalls. Most were drop dead gorgeous.   […] Explore more →

The Perfect Pakistani Holiday – Day 0

Travel Procrastination
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Pakistan Holiday
Sometimes being broke can be a blessing in disguise. Instead of looking to travel the world, it forces you to look inwards at what you can experience in your own country. There’s no shortage of exotic locations in Pakistan to visit. Trouble is, I’ve been to pretty much all of them. Or so I think. […] Explore more →

Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 17

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Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 17 Sri Lanka travel expense on my final day in Sri Lanka were just three and yet they added up to a whopping $22. The first expense was $11.24 which was the cab fare to the airport. Ask anyone who has been to Sri Lanka and they’ll tell you this is the cheapest fare from the […] Explore more →

Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 16

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Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 16 Sri Lanka travel expense for the 16th day were a mixed bag. The day started out ultra cheap considering the fact that I spent more than 10 hours in the train, going from Ella to Colombo.   For food, I made use of the two omelet sandwiches that the owner of the Aurora Bungalows that […] Explore more →

Elephant Freedom Project is the Real Deal – Says Tim Beltman

Elephant freedom project Elephant Freedom Project is one of many elephant orphanages that have sprung up in Sri Lanka to rescue elephants from the tyranny of religious zealots and big shot politicians who consider it their right to subjugate this animal as a sign of their power and influence. Not all these sanctuaries are working for the benefit […] Explore more →