Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 7

Sri Lanka travel expense report for Day 7 is going to reflect badly on me as a budget traveler. Here I’m trying to prove that Sri Lanka can be done on a budget and on the other hand I’ve spent a whopping 67 dollars in a single day.

But again, the fault wasn’t entirely mine. That’s because the entrance fees to all of the tourist destinations are damn expensive. I was told that the SAARC member country [Pakistan being one of them] personnel get a discount on the ticket, but so far only a few places have been honest enough to give me the discount. The rest of the places like Sigiriya Lion Rock and Cave Temple in Dambulla didn’t even bother to inform me about the discounted rates for SAARC members.

And again, as you can see, I haven’t spent that much on food. In fact in the afternoon, I got the tuk tuk just stop at a roadside vendor and bought some Sri Lankan equivalent of pakora, some water and mango juice. That was my entire lunch, which I consumed while on the way to Sigriya Rock.

At night I had to buy some basic necessities like an umbrella and a mosquito repellent which you cannot do without.

So that was the end of Day 7, the most expensive todate.

Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 7
Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 7
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