Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 13

Sri Lanka travel expense for day 13 were again brought into control impressively, in spite of the fact that I traveled to Ella and had both lunch and dinner there. Ella although only a small village, is one of the most expensive places to eat in Sri Lanka apart from Colombo.

You can go to any restaurant or even a small dhaba, and you won’t be able to find breakfast less than Rs.500. Kottus that were selling for Rs.110 to Rs.160 in Nuwara Eliya were not less than Rs.300 in any of the restaurants.

Accommodation wise, Ella offers a slew of options ranging from Rs.3000 to…. well, sky is the limit. Just have a look at the 98 acres rates.

Laundry on the other hand was relatively cheap. Either Rs.100 per shirt or Rs.400 per kg. I got a truckload of my laundry done inclusive of ironing at Rs.450.

For food, I chose two normal restaurants and I was right as the bill was under Rs.500. One of the reasons for that instead of buying soft drink at the restaurant, I buy a 500ml bottle at the start of the day from a grocery story and then make use of it at meals time in the restaurant. Very very effective strategy. You should try it sometime.

I had a good start to the day as well when I got the bus ticket to Ella at the dirt cheap price of Rs.160. And then the bus literally dropped me off in the centre of the village with the guesthouse I intended to stay only a walking distance.

All of these contributed to my spending no more than $11 for the entire day’s work. Not bad at all.

Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 13
Sri Lanka Travel Expense Report- Day 13
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