Sri Lanka Private Transport can put a dent in your wallet

Sri Lanka private transport is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Believe me, I’ve been here for a week and already it’s putting a hole in my wallet. And it wouldn’t have been so bad if the tourist attractions didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Below is the information that was given to me by a nice gentleman – Mr. Shelton Alwis of Airwings. He has kind enough to provide me with this data. I’m reproducing it here verbatim with the hope that it will help any aspiring traveler coming to Sri Lanka plan his budget.


       Minimum 100 kms per day ( 08 – 10 hrs), approx : USD 45.00 per day including fuel & batta for English speaking chauffeur

Guide approved by SL Tourist Authority.

       Airport charges : eg: vehicle parking, entrance fees, paging board-there would be extra cost payable by client.

       Using highways, the extra cost to be paid by client.

       Parking fees (if any) to be paid by client.

       Normally driver’s accommodation is given in most hotels, but if no accommodation the client has to pay extra

USD 20.00 per night to driver.

–    Have given you nett rates without any taxes.


My own experience has been that you cannot expect a lower rate than Rs.12,000 for two days traveling, and that also for a tuk tuk. For an airconditioned van, expect to get paid Rs.8,000 for a distance of roughly 110 km. Normally they’ll charge you $600 for a six day visit excluding everything.

More update on the transport cost later.

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