Sri Lanka – Boarding Pass Loss and other mishaps

The Sri Lanka tour did not start off well at all. Even before I had boarded the plane, I lost my boarding pass right at the boarding counter. Can’t get any stupider than that, considering the fact that I’ve travelled a hundred times before both local and international. This ought to be submitted to the Guinness World Records for a place in the most stupid things ever done by a human being.

And I was pissed off at myself. How could I let this happen? And if that wasn’t enough, all the staff at the boarding counter trying to console me just me madder.

I then had to retrace my steps all the way to the CIP lounge where I spent the last two hours. On the way there, I came across Sri Lankan check-in counter staff who had found my boarding pass. So that was that.

The second casualty of the day was forgetting to pack my toothbrush. I had in fact packed it, but got it out once again for another round of brushing, after which I forgot to repack it.

The biggest casualty of the day was forgetting to pack my most critical travel companion- a book. This is going to hurt me the most. I was halfway through Peter McCarthy’s ‘McCarthy’s Bar’, an amusing travel account of Pete’s travels in Ireland. In fact, make it hilarious.


Pete goes into the underbelly of Ireland, trying to reconcile with his roots but only ending up running into strange characters and even stranger troubles. Highly recommended especially for someone who is travelling solo and running into trouble at every juncture.

So I’ll be missing that one big time. Have to find another one to accompany me in Sri Lanka soon.

So these incidents do not bode well for the rest of the trip, considering that they happened even before the start of the trip. Let’s see what more bloopers I commit along the way.

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